Web Apps


Configure your hardware and basic application settings, and CODY will generate Tibbo BASIC code for your project based on Tibbo's best practices. CODY also simplifies the configuration and integration of our software libraries into your project.


Connect to a L.U.I.S.-enabled Tibbo device through a straightforward, customizable user interface. Directly control and monitor your device by configuring settings stored in its non-volatile memory.

BLE Terminal

Connect to select Tibbo embedded modules via the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) interface to configure basic device settings or reset them to factory defaults.

BLE Firmware Updater

Update the firmware of select BLE-equipped Tibbo devices from a compatible web browser (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, and Opera). Note that this process requires .TCU files.

.TCU File Generator

Quickly and easily create Tibbo Composite Uncompressed (.TCU) files used to conduct over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates on compatible devices.

Web Terminal

Easily interface with and control your RS232/485 devices connected through a Tibbo WebUSB board.

RS485 Modbus Sensors
(Bus Probes) Firmware Updater

Painlessly upload and update the latest firmware and monitor onto your Tibbo RS485 Modbus Sensor (Bus Probe).

RS485 Modbus Sensors
(Bus Probes) Test App

Configure and test your Tibbo RS485 Modbus Sensor (Bus Probe) from a compatible web browser (Chrome, Chromium, Edge, and Opera).


This modern replacement to the venerable BinMerger utility simplifies merging TiOS with a compiled Tibbo BASIC/C application (or two!) into a single binary file for device firmware updates.